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Dreaming of a simple, relaxed wedding day? If you are the type of person who has better things to do than to spend a year planning a huge wedding and dealing with all the drama and expense that goes along with it, then why not think outside the box?
At your Surfside Wedding, you and your loved one will enjoy a peaceful, relaxed ceremony by the sea. Your wedding day will be all about you, not about the millions of complicated details that go along with a huge, overly-planned wedding.

When couples have large weddings, they often don't remember very much of their wedding day because they were so overwhelmed with the details of the big day. But at Your Surfside Wedding, your low-stress ceremony will be performed by Chris Mays in a beautiful, serene 
location right on the beach where you will be sure to remember the important things about your special day. 

This special event in your life should be all about you and your loved
one and the important vows you are taking. It should not be all about whether the color of the napkins exactly matches the color of the tablecloths in your reception hall.

Your Surfside Wedding
Because you should enjoy your wedding day. 

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